Tobias started his career in advertising by briefly working in agencies, which soon let him to his boyhood dream; film making.

Working initially as an aspiring creative producer, earning him several international awards including Cannes Lions, D&AD, Eurobest Grand Prix and Clio Awards, he discovered his talent for storytelling, which sparked his passion and urge to direct. At first by writing and directing short films as well as commercials.

Tobias skills as a writer often grant him access at the early stage of a process, where he makes an essential contribution to the development of ideas. He’s an actor’s director with a strong sense of true-to-life storytelling and his visual narrative eye for characters and human emotions, often combined with a subtle sense of humour, makes him a high valued director.

He’s shot commercials for brands like Bosch, Kia Motors, Doritos, Spotify and Royal Unibrew.

Tobias resides in Denmark with his wife and two children.